How to make cities more resilient. Report on a Shell seminar

How can cities be made more resilient? That was the key question posed at the Shell conference Resilience in an urban world held on May 15 in Rotterdam. Shell, supported by Edelman PR, asked ImpactReporters to report on the conference.

Greater resilience

By 2050 two thirds of the world’s population will live in urban areas. Such a high population density in cities can lead to more social unrest, natural disasters and traffic congestion. As such, cities need to become more resilient; better able to adapt to shocks and stress factors. It was the seventh conference organised by Shell under the banner Powering Progress Together. Earlier conferences, bringing together thinkers from the corporate sector, government and society, were held in Rotterdam, Germany, the Philippines, Turkey and the United States.

Journalistic features

Shell and Edelman PR wanted to publicise the results of the workshops. Together we decided to create a one-off digital newsletter, comprising seven journalistic articles. These features were written by the communication specialists of ImpactReporters. The newsletter can be accessed via the Powering Progress Together site and was sent to the 200 conference participants.