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Recognise the impact


Results remain invisible if they’re not recognised as such. We teach staff to have an eye for impact and to recognise what’s news. And we show how you to communicate it.


   Share your news

Research results or projects are often relevant and newsworthy, of interest to policy makers, financiers or journalists. But how do you package your results into an attractive story? In the ‘share your news’ workshop, participants learn how to recognise news within their own organisation, how to formulate a news message and how to develop a strategy to disseminate this news via various media channels, including social media.

   Find your way in the media and social media

More and more professionals are posting the results from their projects on social media such as LinkedIn, blog sites and open e-platforms. Others want to write a book, make a film or to be picked up more frequently by the press. All media have their own target audiences and style. How do you handle these aspects? In this workshop we examine the added value and pitfalls of the various media. And the aspects you need to take into account when you want to raise your public profile.

   The art of blogging

Blogs give their readers news and views. They contribute to the public debate and they help you raise your profile and that of your organisation. With a blog you’re able to showcase your expertise. In our ‘The art of blogging’ workshop we examine the characteristics of well-written blogs. We help to translate ideas for a blog (or blog site) into easily understandable key messages. And of course we offer tips on how to bring your point across clearly, without using jargon.

We have given workshop and training courses at, among others, Wageningen University, STW, Wetlands International, Leiden University, TU Delft, Topinstitute Food and Nutrition and Centre for Genetic Resources in Wageningen.

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