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Less food waste

What are the best methods of dealing with worldwide food waste? And what are the key drivers behind successful cases? The Food and Business Knowledge Platform asked ImpactReporters to produce an accessible brochure on the basis of research undertaken by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research.

Better vegetable seeds for smallholders

More and more Dutch vegetable seed companies invest in South East Asia and Africa. They do this, because they see new markets there for their improved seeds. To what extent do the companies take into account the needs of farmers who rely on their smallholdings to survive? Agriterra asked ImpactReporters to produce a one-off magazine about this subject and prepare the expert meeting ‘Better vegetable seeds for smallholders’.



Why the focus on water, food and energy?


Access to water, food and energy – it’s one of the greatest challenges of our time, and of the future. All the more so in the light of the world’s growing population, increasing standards of living and global warming.

Water, food security and energy/climate are also areas of far-reaching innovation and incredibly dynamic. We’re fascinated by the correlation between these themes, the challenges and the opportunities.

That fascination is a driving force to follow the scientific developments in this area at close hand. Knowledge from which our customers reap the benefits: we know what it’s all about.

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