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Transparency will benefit your company, society and the planet

What is the impact of my activities and production chains on the wider society? And how do I map and present them in my annual reports? Companies that participated in Green Deal Cooperation were asking themselves these questions, in order to improve their transparency in natural and social capital. ImpactReporters was asked to make an inventory of the lessons that have been learned during the past few years and communicate these to the outside world. Lessons that could be interesting for other businesses, including small and medium-sized companies.

How do companies manage their natural capital?

Many companies are dependent on what nature has to offer — either directly or indirectly, inside the Netherlands or in the production chain. They are supported in this by the Biodiversity, Ecosystems & Economics Platform. ImpactReporters does the external communications for this platform, focussing on the results achieved by companies and their best practices, which in turn offer inspiration to other companies. But we also look at the failures, the setbacks and the lessons learned. Because that’s how you book progress. The platform is a joint initiative by nature and environmental organisation IUCN NL and corporate employers’ federation VNO / NCW.