Stories give colour to your organisation

Through storytelling we can raise your organisation’s profile. So that you are better placed to persuade partners, suppliers and the public. Because they want more than simply products and services, they want a story – an inspiring story.


 Communicating results

Your organisation books splendid results and presents them in excellent figures. But the words fail to fly. Cold figures and hard facts about processes fail to convince. We want to see the people that it’s all about. Closing the gap between the figures (rationality) and people (emotion) is what we’re good at. And we can do it in various ways: with text, web films, photographs, infovisuals — or a combination of any of these.

   Corporate story

Your organisation has an underlying story. A story that’s a source of strength and direction, that acts as a motivator and unifying force and makes ambassadors of your staff and your customers. We’re in the business of tapping into that vein of gold. The corporate story is a foundation that will serve you well for many years to come in your internal and external communication.


We can write the new story of your organisation. The story that your staff and target audience will rediscover as the heart of your enterprise. We’ll look at where the old story no longer rings true, and what demands a new story needs to meet. We’ll collect the necessary information for repositioning. And subsequently we’ll work together with you to formulate the new story that fits with your organisation.