The Inclusive Business Fund invests in social enterprises

The Inclusive Business Fund brings together impact investors and social enterprises in developing countries and emerging markets. In this fund Rabobank Foundation joins forces with ICCO and the BoP Innovation Center. The aim of this impact investment fund is to help entrepreneurs by providing risk capital, advice and business development. ImpactReporters is helping this new fund in its introductory publicity and communications. With a website, content and a house style.

Base of the Pyramid

More than four billion people earn an average of up to just four dollars a day, and many of them far less than that. This socio-economic group, simultaneously the poorest and the biggest in the world, is also known as the Base of the Pyramid. The people making up this broad base are active as consumers, producers, entrepreneurs and workers. Their economic and social development benefits from initiatives to stimulate local entrepreneurship and integrations into the formal economy, both at a local and international level.

Social entrepreneurship

Inclusive business is targeted at improving the living standards of poor people in developing countries and emerging markets. Social enterprises take as their starting point that this group has economic power and potential, and in this way they combine commercial objectives with social ones. The Inclusive Business Fund, founded in 2013, supports these entrepreneurs and companies, and in so doing contributes to job creation.