Legal protection in fragile states

In fragile states such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Yemen and Afghanistan, the establishment of the rule of law is essential. Many people in these countries suffer from violence, hunger and poverty. ImpactReporters helped the WOTRO (NWO) communication department to give insight in the impact of thirty research projects in fragile states.

Human rights organizations

WOTRO has funded the Security & Rule of Law in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings (SRoL) research programme since 2015. About 150 research team projects, often consisting of university and human rights organizations from different countries, are included in this programme. Together, these teams interviewed several thousand vulnerable groups about their vision of the rule of law. The findings were transformed into recommendations for politicians, government agencies and donors, and, for example, into tools that NGOs can use to help identify the legal needs of vulnerable groups.

Impact of the projects

The teams were required to write a final report and a policy letter. It is, however, often impossible for policy makers, politicians and other interested parties to read all these reports. WOTRO asked us to help outline the results of 30 projects, thereby making the expected impact of each project insightful. We produced 30 factsheets, which helped the 150 participants in the symposium ‘Achieving security and justice for all, on 7 September 2017, quickly get an idea of ​​the results of these 30 projects.