The Netherlands, land of seeds

Dutch seed companies provide farmers with high quality seed worldwide. At the same time, Dutch experts also work in the establishment of a national seed sector in many other countries. At the request of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZ), ImpactReporters created a brochure in the form of a magazine that demonstrates the Dutch role in the international world of seeds.

Cooperation in the sector

Good quality seed for all farmers throughout the world, including the most small-scale, is vital to the global food supply. The Netherlands plays a major worldwide role in this sector. Many seed companies that are major exporters with numerous international branches are based in the Netherlands, and these companies also work well with government departments, knowledge institutes and farmers in the country. The Dutch phytosanitary services and research institutes reflect this. In addition, the Netherlands has many initiatives to support the development of the seed sector and to increase access to seeds in other countries. Aid and trade often go hand in hand.

We told this story in a detailed brochure, through a clear overview article, and through interviews with companies, plant breeders and experts from, among others, the Centre for Development Innovation in Wageningen. We also produced concise texts about relevant policies in different policy areas, such as plant variety rights or phytosanitary policies. The brochure concludes with a vision for the future role of the Netherlands in this area. A link to the magazine can also be found here.