How do you involve more people in climate policy?

To tackle the climate problem, we need active citizens and companies. ImpactReporters wrote a series of four double interviews for The State of the Climate 2014, published by HIER Climate Agency.

Climate sceptics

For the last fifteen years the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (popularly known by its acronym KNMI) has been warning about the serious implications of climate change, but it’s having a hard time getting its message across to the Dutch person in the street. So what is it about the story told by climate sceptics that makes it so attractive? KNMI director Gerard van der Steenhoven and Jan Paul van Soest, author of De Twijfelbrigade (The Doubts Brigade) discuss lessons learned.

Local energy cooperatives

The Netherlands numbers hundreds of small local energy cooperatives that generate their own power. Are they able to make a real difference or are they merely of interest as a sociological phenomenon forcing the energy giants to adopt a new revenue model? An interview with Maarten Hajer (Planning Agency for the Lived Environment) and Frans Stokman (Grunneger Power).

International initiatives

Ecofys and the World Resources Institute are researching major international initiatives aimed at generating civic and corporate involvement in tackling the climate problem. How successful are such initiatives? Can they prevent climate disruption?

Energy neutral building

There are many opportunities for energy conservation in the construction sector. In a conversation with Ed Nijpels (Energy pact), Joost Nelis of homebuilder BAM Woningbouw reveals a revolutionary plan to render existing houses energy neutral.