What results have you achieved?


Impact. That’s what it’s all about. Increasingly companies, organisations and research groups want to know what effect their activities are having in society. In a positive and a negative context. But how do you gauge what the impact is, and how do you communicate that? Let ImpactReporters help you.


   ✔ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Many companies have inspirational CSR goals. But are you able to realise those ambitions? Do you have a well-founded answer to the question of what your company or organisation actually contributes to society? If not, then those fine CSR ambitions are no more than an empty shell. That’s not only a missed opportunity, it also makes you vulnerable to outside criticism. Read how we can help you to formulate your CSR strategy more clearly and communicate it in an inspirational way..

   ✔ Making environmental and social costs transparent

More and more consumers want to know what a product costs in environmental and social welfare terms. And companies are increasingly seeking to make those costs transparent. This transparency represents a key step forward on the road to a sustainable, green economy with a care for human welfare.

   ✔ Qualitative approach

ImpactReporters – what’s in a name? – knows how to communicate about impact. Among other things we do that in tandem with our partner CREM, a consultancy for sustainable development. Impact can’t always be rendered in hard figures. In such cases a more qualitative approach is key. We know how it’s done. And we’re happy to help you figure out the way in which the impact of your organisation can best be brought to light.