Impact of breeding companies

Conservation of biodiversity, disease and pest prevention, and plant research including new breeding techniques. These are among the topics Plantum, the Dutch association of plant breeders, has addressed with its members in recent years. ImpactReporters has helped to present these topics sharply in eight clear factsheets.

Plantum is the industry association for 120 Dutch companies from the plant breeding sector. Plantum members are active in the breeding, propagating, growing and trading of seeds, bulbs, tubers, cuttings and young plants. For these companies it is important that regulations and research in the Netherlands and in the EU take their interests into account. Politicians and policymakers only do that if they see the added value of this industry in the Netherlands, both for the global food supply and for the Dutch economy. ImpactReporters supported the Plantum team in creating factsheets that quickly provide professionals and the wider public with an overview of the impact of Dutch companies in this sector.