We are ambitious and driven. We deploy our journalistic skills and networks to better serve the needs of our clients. We know what’s really happening, both in this country but also more particularly far beyond our borders. We expose what’s hidden. And we work with a flexible group of specialists in various areas such as design and digital design, photography, web films, data analysis, etc.

hans_van_de_veenHans van de Veen

is an experienced journalist, subeditor and copywriter and has been in charge of communications projects at various organisations. He is reflective, analytical and thinks in business terms. Contact on the work floor or in the field – from Amsterdam to Zanzibar – remains a source of inspiration.

linkedin_32T: 06 518 311 08

marianne_heselmansMarianne Heselmans

is an experienced science journalist and project leader, specialising in green technologies and biotechnology, food security and nature. She also works as trainer/coach, helping others to improve their communication skills. Marianne is quick to see how clear and crisp stories can be extracted from a body of vague or incomprehensible information.

twitter_32 linkedin_32T: 06 145 643 07

joris_tielensJoris Tielens

is an experienced (science) journalist and makes clear bird-eye overview articles on complex issues. He specialises in food security, agriculture and development cooperation, and regularly visited East Africa to report from the fields of farmers.

twitter_32 linkedin_32T: 06 226 063 47