Less food waste

What are the best methods of dealing with worldwide food waste? And what are the key drivers behind successful cases? The Food and Business Knowledge Platform asked ImpactReporters to produce an accessible brochure on the basis of research undertaken by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research.

Nutmeg farmers

The Wageningen researchers analyzed fourteen cases in which businesses, governments and researchers in developing countries are working to combat food waste. For example, the Dutch-Indonesian company PT Ollop exports nutmeg. The company is training nutmeg farmers in agricultural methods that reduce food losses. Another example is an agricultural information worker at the Ministry of Agriculture in Tanzania. Her enthusiasm significantly raises awareness about food waste, which has a positive effect on government policy.

Six drivers of change

The researchers were able to identify six drivers of change towards reduced food loss from these cases. An important driver is when all actors in the food chain have an incentive to contribute to the proper functioning of the chain. Further drivers include the involvement of the business community, and the provision of a stimulating environment by government. The existence of an enthusiastic and authoritative person encouraging change was revealed to be another powerful driver. New technology can also be an important driver of reduced food waste, as are interventions sensitive to the local context.


ImpactReporters was commissioned by the Food and Business Knowledge Platform to prepare a clear and accessible brochure in English. We have put together the text and added interviews, infographics, and images. In this way we produced a brochure that did justice to the purpose of the study: to inspire companies, governments and NGOs by example.

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