Make the case for gender

Women and men each have their own responsibilities in the food supply chain. Organizations, however, often do not think of the cultural differences between men and women. We supported AgriProfocus in producing a magazine that encourages gender sensitive development programmes.

Picking the fruit

In Africa and South-East Asia, it is often the women who do most of the  physical agricultural work. They pick the fruit, milk the cows or grow the beans. Yet many of them have no access to loans, fertilizer, labour-saving tools or training courses. AgriProfocus is a network that brings together businesses, civil society, knowledge institutes and governments working towards food security in Africa and South-East Asia. Many of its members have practical experience in making development and research programmes gender sensitive.


In the magazine, we show that gender-sensitive programmes not only improve the lives of the women, but are also profitable for the whole vegetable, milk or fish supply chain. We also note the problems that AgriProfocus members encountered in making their programmes gender sensitive, and we outline the methods they used to solve them.