Creating joint knowledge for a more climate-proof agriculture

FACCE-JPI is an EU-organisation that aligns the agricultural research agendas of the member states, so that European agriculture becomes climate-resilient and more sustainable. ImpactReporters helped produce a brochure that inspires research leaders, funders and other stakeholders to collaborate on new European projects.

Sharing visions

In 2010, the European Commission created Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) to prevent fragmentation and unnecessary duplication in European research. Of course, EU regions already work together in European programs such as Horizon 2020, but 90% of the research funding is still distributed through the member states. Since 2012, FACCE-JPI brings together experts, financiers and other stakeholders to develop visions, and to launch European programs around the biggest challenges in agriculture, food security and climate change.

Faster innovation

With clear and crisp project descriptions, interviews and infographics, we show what FACCE-JPI has achieved since 2012, and where the organization wants to go. Together with Wageningen UR, we are also working on a new site that informs partners in an accessible way and helps convince them that cooperation pays off.

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