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Make the case for gender

Women and men each have their own responsibilities in the food supply chain. Organizations, however, often do not think of the cultural differences between men and women. We supported AgriProfocus in producing a magazine that encourages gender sensitive development programmes.

Reduced soil subsidence in the Veenweiden

The peat soil in the Veenweiden subsides by an average of one centimetre per year. The Veenweiden System Programme of VIC Zegveld has discovered that something can be done about this, using pressure drainage and ‘wet’ cultivation in the area. ImpactReporters has produced three brochures about this for dairy farmers, water boards, research institutes and government organizations.

A new quality mark for nature management


Can companies and site managers contribute to improvements in nature and biodiversity? The international VCA quality mark has been created to facilitate this, with the aim of better nature management in the areas where we live and work. ImpactReporters is developing training materials on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Public Works and Water Management, and helping to raise public awareness of this new instrument.

Legal protection in fragile states

In fragile states such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Yemen and Afghanistan, the establishment of the rule of law is essential. Many people in these countries suffer from violence, hunger and poverty. ImpactReporters helped the WOTRO (NWO) communication department to give insight in the impact of thirty research projects in fragile states.

Shell’s words and deeds

Shell claims to support the Paris climate goals. However, it still invests tens of billions of euro in gas and oil each year. What is Shell’s current role in the transition to sustainable energy? Together with Friends of the Earth Netherlands (Milieudefensie), we created the website, which compares the words of Shell with their actions.

Impact of breeding companies

Conservation of biodiversity, disease and pest prevention, and plant research including new breeding techniques. These are among the topics Plantum, the Dutch association of plant breeders, has addressed with its members in recent years. ImpactReporters has helped to present these topics sharply in eight clear factsheets.

Less food waste

What are the best methods of dealing with worldwide food waste? And what are the key drivers behind successful cases? The Food and Business Knowledge Platform asked ImpactReporters to produce an accessible brochure on the basis of research undertaken by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research.

Aid and trade

For the first time in history the Netherlands has a minister for development aid and trade combined. What does this mean in practice? The Directorate for Sustainable Economic Growth at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked us to produce a communication portfolio about the new policy, its approach and results.