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Legal protection in fragile states

In fragile states such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Yemen and Afghanistan, the establishment of the rule of law is essential. Many people in these countries suffer from violence, hunger and poverty. ImpactReporters helped the WOTRO (NWO) communication department to give insight in the impact of thirty research projects in fragile states.

Shell’s words and deeds

Shell claims to support the Paris climate goals. However, it still invests tens of billions of euro in gas and oil each year. What is Shell’s current role in the transition to sustainable energy? Together with Friends of the Earth Netherlands (Milieudefensie), we created the website, which compares the words of Shell with their actions.

Impact of breeding companies

Conservation of biodiversity, disease and pest prevention, and plant research including new breeding techniques. These are among the topics Plantum, the Dutch association of plant breeders, has addressed with its members in recent years. ImpactReporters has helped to present these topics sharply in eight clear factsheets.