Aid and trade

For the first time in history the Netherlands has a minister for development aid and trade combined. What does this mean in practice? The Directorate for Sustainable Economic Growth at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked us to produce a communication portfolio about the new policy, its approach and results.

Eradicating poverty
In the past quarter century one billion people escaped extreme poverty. Still, one in six people in the world today live on less than $1.25 a day. The Dutch agenda for aid, trade and investment is working towards eradicating extreme poverty within one generation, encouraging sustainable and inclusive growth and ensuring success for Dutch entrepreneurs abroad.

The communication portfolio
It is too early to tell whether this new combined approach is working. But the government thinks that there is already more than enough to tell about it, if only it could find someone to write it all up. For two months, ImpactReporters was a guest of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We came up with the storyline about the new aid and trade policy, wrote the information pack with factsheets (in English and French), produced the PDF for the website Doing Business in Developing Countries and developed a web app specifically for the Ministry.